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Research and innovation

We assist people in a comprehensive way, identifying the main causes of their illness and providing adequate and effective intervention for their particular situation.  > Read


Our multidisciplinary treatments combine the most advanced pharmacology and modern psychotherapy techniques focused in produce stable changes in our patients, restore their wellness and achieve definitive degrees of freedom. 

Results evaluation

Retention rates and good evolution are between 85 and 95%. These results guarantee to our patients the highest chance for a successful treatment.  > Read

Clinical specialties

Clinical psychology and psychiatry unit

>   Hospitalization programs. 1-14 days.

>   Emotional and mood disorders.

>   Depression, anxiety and stress.
>   Psychopathology and personality disorders.

>   Expertise and forensic sciences.
>   Eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia.
>   Insomnia and sleep disorders.
>   Psychooncology.

Neurology and neuropsychology unit

>   Hospitalization programs. 3, 7 &14 days.

>   Brain Imaging, CT, MRI.

>   Neurodegenerative, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
>   Seniors.
>   Stroke and brain damage.
>   Epileptic Disorders.
>   Sclerosis.

Childhood and juvenile unit

>   Autism spectrum disorders.
>   ADHD.
>   Language problems.
>   Psychomotricity.

Addiction unit

>   Detox. hospitalization programs. 3, 7 &14 days.
>   Neurorehabilitation.
>   Technology and results.

Medical-wellness program

>   Hospitalization programs. 3, 7 &14 days.

>   Psychosomatic Medicine.
>   Screenings and comprehensive medical care.
>   Oriental medicine, meditation & acupuncture.

HC Hospital

In a magnificent environment and facilities located 200 meters from the sea, we offer 24h of comprehensive care, the most pioneering and innovative techniques and the highest quality in medical expertise.


Team medical

outpatient consultations

   >   Psychology and psychiatry unit.
   >   Neurology and neuropsychology unit.
   >   Childhood and juvenile unit.
   >   Addictions unit.


   >   Psychology-psychiatry programs. 1-14 days.
   >   Detox. hospitalization programs. 3, 7 &14 days.
   >   Medical-Wellness Program. 3, 7 &14 days.

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In the heart of La Costa Del Sol, a prestigious hospital with more than 15 years of experience in high quality medicine.

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Publications and research generated by our Doctors. 




Psychology & Neuroscience Dept. Marbella International University.  > Read




Selection of articles and interviews on radio, television and press.  > Read




International presentations and update conferences.  > Read




Technological innovation in mental health.  > Read